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Becoming a Sponsor

We have devised 3 ways to support the project and assist in making it possible...

  • Sponsorship

  • Product Placement

  • Investment

Firstly, all supporters of the film will receive a “Backyard Ashes Supporters Package” that is available to anyone who chooses any of the 3 options. This package offers an opportunity to experience the film making process every step if the way.


The idea of sponsorship is to offer locals a chance to be involved and to support the film from the ground up. We have designed each of these options so that as many locals as possible have a chance to get involved at whatever level they can afford. We want to share this experience with the community and to give the community the chance to have ownership with us in the film.

Sponsors who contribute over $1000 to the film will receive the previously mentioned “Backyard Ashes Supporters Package”. All amounts of support are accepted, however there is no potential return on investment or product  placement offered for these amounts.

The “Backyard Ashes Supporters Package” includes:


  • Thank You and/or Company Logo on our Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Supporters Credit and/or Company Logo on the Backyard Ashes website
  • ‘First look’ download of the exclusive Backyard Ashes trailer
  • On set visit during shooting (includes lunch with cast and crew)
  • Signed Backyard Ashes poster
  • Signed Copy of Backyard Ashes DVD
  • Invitation to attend the private “Backyard” screening of the film with the cast
  • and crew. The film will be screened in the backyard on a sheet tied on to a
  • clothesline with BBQ catering and drinks provided.
  • Double pass to the Red Carpet premiere screening of Backyard Ashes
  • Supporters Credit and/or Logo Placement in the credits of the film



This option is for local businesses that see an opportunity for their brand and products to feature in the final version of the film. Product placement has  become a fact of movie and TV life. Splashdown Corporate Rentals, a  port-a-loo rental company based out of Melbourne, solely funded the very  successful Australian comedy “KENNY”. Their business experienced a  significant increase in sales and awareness from their involvement in the  film. Product placement has become a valuable means of brand association  that connects a movie watcher’s positive experience to the products featured  on screen.

Product Placement in the film costs $5,000.

For this contribution to the film we will shoot a scene that uses your product  and/or features your company branding within the film. Unlike a television ad  this advertisement for your company is one that will last forever. It will remain  present in the film in al future mediums (cinema, DVD, digital download and  more.)

We believe that our film has the potential to reach a very large national  audience and also has the opportunity to reach beyond that to international audiences. The potential level of exposure for businesses appearing in the film will be considerable and locally, the benefits of advertising in the film are  even greater.

Whilst international sales may not translate into direct sales for  local businesses in our region, we believe the national exposure will be of  great value. However it is locally where we believe businesses will get the  most benefit from featuring in the film. Our film is all but guaranteed to get a  local release through cinemas such as the Forum 6 franchise, both locally  and in the surrounding regions. The buzz that has already been generated  since announcing the project will undoubtedly translate into audience  numbers at any local screening. Therefore there is the potential for 1000’s of locals from all around our area to watch this film and be exposed to the  brands and businesses within it.

Opportunities would also exist for  businesses to separately purchase existing cinema advertising agreements  with these local cinemas to be played just prior to the screening of our film.  This would enable any business to receive significant recognition, brand  awareness and positive association with the project using a combination of  marketing strategies.

The cost Product Placement within the film (as well as  Sponsorship) should be beneficial to most business in the form of practical  tax deductions in the areas of “business advertising” and “promotional  expenses”. There is increasing value and use of product placement within  Australian films and this is a supplementary supporter option that will allow  us to recognise the local companies that have made this process viable.

* Please seek independent tax advice to confirm tax deductibility status for  your business. * One condition of Product Placement is that we cannot make  an inappropriate or ill-fitting company appear in the film. We will not accept  money from businesses we don't feel we can legitimately represent fairly and  legitimately in the film.


We not only want this film to be made locally, we also want it to be locally  owned.

Therefore, in order to help raise the required capital to cover the costs  of making the film, we are selling 25% of the films commercial copyright to  locals who are interested in investing in the film making process with us.

This 25% total stake is represented as 25 individual shares (1 share = 1%) of the  films commercial license.

Each 1% share costs $5,000.

Each share entitles  you to 1% of the films commercial license and therefore 1% of all net income generated from the film in box office, DVD, digital downloads and ancillary  rights.

We have completed extensive research into Australian film box office results and we are happy to provide this information to any interested Investors.

How do I become a sponsor?

Simply fill in the below contact form with your details and let us know what kind of sponsorship you had in mind.

We will be intouch with you as soon as possible with all the extra details or information you require.

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